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Innovative automation that gets your processes flowing – day after day

Our software solution for you to control, automate and be innovative.

Process control | Orchestration | Data Generation | Modular

CETONI Elements is our innovative software solution for the automation of processes. It is the interface to your device technology and, thanks to the modular architecture, can be flexibly adapted by us at any time. In addition to controlling all CETONI devices in one process, we can also integrate your measuring and analytical devices. Whether it is the clear visualization of all device parameters or the management of data records, everything is administered via a common graphical user interface. This makes CETONI Elements the connecting element in your application and can be used for the orchestration of your entire automation application in addition to the device control.

Intuitive access to all functions

It is our aim to make our highly flexible and detailed software, with all its possibilities, intuitively usable for you. The modular architecture of CETONI Elements makes a major contribution to maintaining a good overview and ensuring intuitive navigation. The basic structure is supplemented by device or application-specific software modules, the plugins. Depending on setup constellation and device type, a tailor-made software solution can be configured quickly and easily, and all device-dependent functionalities can be used from a uniform graphical user interface and linked with one another in a workflow.

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Plugin gallery

A variety of CETONI Elements plugins (software modules) are already available. Depending on what your application needs, we offer you the appropriate and universally applicable plugins. If your application grows over time, individual plugins can be added at any time.

Script system plugin

This essential plugin extends the CETONI Elements software with a very flexible and powerful script system for chronological automation of process flows. Via the plugin you control not only all CETONI devices in the system, but optionally also your peripherals.

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Process data diagram plugin

With the plug-in, you can record process data of any device (e.g. current axis position, syringe fill level …) or the values of I/O and controller channels (analog inputs/outputs, digital inputs/outputs). They visualize and log changes in process data over time.

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Data logger plugin

The Datalogger plug-in is a powerful tool for recording any process data from any device in * .csv files. These * .csv files can be read, processed and analyzed directly by many spreadsheet programs (eg Excel or Libre Office Calc).

I/O plugin

Regardless of whether analog, digital, input or output – with this plugin you control and visualize all I / O channels of yours CETONI I / O module or the one used Flow systems .

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Controller plugin

The controller plugin expands the CETONI Elements software with PID control loops for precise control and regulation of heating and cooling circuits.

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Device configurator plugin

With the device configurator, you can create your own device configurations. Whenever you change your CETONI system, e.g. when you add new modules, you can use the device configurator to graphically adjust the device configuration of the software using drag and drop.

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CETONI Elements software - Pump GUI

Nemesys plugin

Dosing volumes precisely, generating nanoliter-precise fluid flows, conveniently configuring syringe parameters, switching valves – these are just some of the many functions of this plug-in for integrating the Nemesys syringe pumps into your CETONI system.

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Spectroscopy plugin

The CETONI Elements spectroscopy plug-in is our solution for the optimal integration of our lambda spectrometer modules into the CETONI Elements software.

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Valve plugin

Connected valves are integrated into the CETONI Elements software and the script system via the valve plug-in.

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Positioning systems plugin

With the positioning system plug-in, you can conveniently control all functions of compact positioning systems. With the script functions of the plug-in, you can create complex automated positioning processes quickly and easily.

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Camera plugin

The camera plug-in enables the integration of a wide variety of digital cameras into the CETONI Elements software. The plugin supports Firewire 1394 cameras (DCAM standard), various USB cameras and all standard Windows DirectShow cameras.

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Video Builder plugin

With this plug-in, you can easily create a video from images that you have recorded with the camera or microscope plug-in, for example time or script-controlled. In this way, time-lapse films can be created of very slow microfluidic processes, for example.

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Image display and analysis plugin

This plugin is the perfect complement to the camera plugin. Recorded camera images can be viewed and analyzed with the plugin.

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DAQ plugin

With the DAQ plug-in, you have a powerful tool at your disposal to record measured values with higher sample rates.

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