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The next level for your research

Do you work in research and development and are you reaching physical or technical limits with conventional conveyor systems?

Then a Nemesys Flow System is right for you!

Based on the findings from years of market observation in microfluidics, as well as the suggestions of our valued customers from a wide variety of application areas, we have revolutionized the proven Nemesys syringe pumps in the low-pressure and medium-pressure range, and thus created a new class standard.

The Nemesys S and M generation in particular has been given a more rigid design. This innovation, in combination with a path resolution of approx. 178,000 increments per millimeter, transports you and your application into completely new spheres with regard to dosing accuracy and uniform flow behavior! With new safety features, such as force measurement, newly designed syringe series, intelligent valve technology and flexible installation and stand options, you can master dosing tasks in the microfluidic laboratory of the future without compromise.

Perfection in the details

Wherever you reach the limits with conventional technology, is our starting point. In addition to the powerful and high-resolution drive unit, the integrated force measurement of the Nemesys M syringe pump offers the option of automatic shutdown above a threshold value, and the recording of force curves at operating pressures of up to 200 bar. This is a particular advantage when dosing media with a higher viscosity, where a pressure sensor would be a hindrance.

Supplemented by the stainless steel syringes of the Nemesys M syringe pump (and Nemesys high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure modules), which are specially designed for safety, durability and easy handling, you qualify your flow system for the most demanding dosing tasks. An indispensable instrument for research and industrial applications, especially for microfluidic applications in fine and synthetic chemistry.

Let it Flow

Many fluidic processes that were conventionally carried out in batch processes, can be converted into progressive flow processes, and offer a number of advantages over conservative approaches, such as high process reliability, homogeneous reaction conditions, as well as time and resource savings. The areas of application extend from biology to chemistry to physics in different application scenarios, which we have clearly described for you under Application Notes.

We will show you how you can convert your batch process into an advanced flow process or how to automate laboratory processes that were previously manual with the help of Cobomation. Just talk to us!

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Simple operation, flexible automation and barrier-free integration

In addition to the intuitive control of your syringe pumps, our CETONI Elements software offers you all options for the easy automation of flow processes, in order to generate meaningful results quickly and reliably.

For seamless integration into your usual software environment (C ++, Phyton, LabView, Matlab etc.) we also offer you the extensive CETONI SDK (Software Development Kit) for Windows and Linux applications.


High pressure syringes with piston rinsing

With the variety of high-pressure syringes made from different materials, you can either expand the range of application of your syringe pump in the long term or adapt flexibly to the needs of your application at any time.

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High pressure valves & pressure sensors

With a choice of different valve variants made of different materials, you either simply automate the filling of your syringe pump or generate an uninterrupted (continuous) flow of fluid to your application. Pressure sensors in the process protect your applications, enable pressure control by means of a syringe pump and collect important and evaluable process data.

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Industries and Applications

application notes - geologyFields
9. June 2021

Microfluidic Processes in Geology, Petrology, Mineralogy

Geochemistry - High Pressure Syringe Pumps used in Crude Oil Research The global demand for oil is increasing from year to year, at the same time we know that oil…
application notes - flow chemistryFields
9. June 2021

Microfluidics in Chemistry

Microfluidics for analytical processes Rapid advances in micro-fluidics led to the development of highly efficient chemical analytic processes. The miniaturization of fluid analysis makes it possible to work effectively with…
application notes - biologyFields
9. June 2021

Microfluidic solutions in biology

Analysis of soil outcrops in the compartmentalized flow The so-called segmented flow is one of the wonderful tools in the microfluidic toolbox. This flow is generated in micro-reactors featuring channels…