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Symbiosis of Syringe Pump and Stirrer

The CETONI Nemix 50 syringe stirrer combines a high-precision and pulsation-free Nemesys syringe pump drive with a separate syringe stirring unit for a harmonious unit. The aim is the effective mixing of the contents of the syringe (based on the magnetic principle) in the case of media containing particles over a longer period of time. Due to the sophisticated stirring principle, the flow provided by the syringe pump unit (from the nano to milliliter range) is not influenced.

Pulsation-free dosing of aqueous and particle-containing substance mixtures without sedimentation

For certain applications in biology or chemistry, it is necessary to permanently homogenize or mix the medium in the syringe in order to guarantee constant media quality or simply to avoid sedimentation of particles or cells. Thanks to the high-resolution and pulsation-free dosing unit of the CETONI Nemix 50 syringe stirrer combined with the innovative stirring mechanism, you can supply your application with a homogeneous and precise fluid flow at all times.
In addition to precision glass syringes (up to 100 ml), you can also use disposable syringes with a volume of 50 ml for easy cleaning, especially for biological applications. Simply use the appropriate syringe holder for this.

Combination of Rotation and Linear Movement

Take a simple (laboratory) stirring rod and place it in your chosen syringe (CETONI glass syringe or disposable syringe with a volume of 50 ml) before inserting it into your CETONI Nemix 50 syringe stirrer.

Permanent magnets in the magnetic wheel of the stirring module, which generate a targeted magnetic field, lead to a circular rotation of the stirring rod in the syringe when it rotates. In addition, the magnet wheel moves linearly throughout the range of the syringe plunger. The stirrer inside follows this linear movement, while also rotating evenly.

These two movements of the stirring rod – rotation and linear movement – thus ensure uniform mixing of suspensions inside the syringe, throughout the entire range of the syringe plunger.


Glass or disposable syringe?

Decide on the ideal combination of syringe and magnetic stirrer. A selection of different syringe sizes (up to 100 ml) and syringe materials (glass, metal or plastic (BBraun Omnifix 50 ml)) offer you maximum flexibility to adapt your Nemix 50 stirring system to the requirements of your application.

Glass Syringes

Industries and Applications

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Precision Dosing in Industry

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