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Communication module


Modular & Individual | Expandable | Analog & digital channels | Flexible interface

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Integrate and control peripherals

Our I/O module expands your CETONI syringe pump system ( flow system) with the option of simple integration or control of your existing devices via simple analog and digital signals. You can equip the communication module with a large selection of analog and/or digital channels (so-called I/O terminals), depending on what interface your device has. In this way, you create a physical connection between your CETONI setup and an external device. You then operate, link or monitor all devices or measurement equipment within CETONI Elements software environment.
The intuitive and clear interface of our CETONI Elements software gives you the freedom to expand your application quickly and easily with functionalities, such as sensors for pressure, temperature, pH, fill level, etc.

Automate demanding processes

Our goal is to work with you to automate your application, from sample application to analysis, so that you can gain new knowledge from your experiments more quickly. If possible, we use our proven flow systems (Nemesys syringe pumps) or use our cobomation approach to automate your previously manual or partially automated processes via software and hardware interfaces that are familiar to us with the help of our CETONI Elements software and established robot technology .

More about Cobomation

Technical specifications

A large number of bus terminals (up to 15) from Beckhoff Automation can be adapted to our I/O module and even retrofitted if necessary, such as:

  • digital input and output terminals for 5V, 10V, 24V …
  • analog input and output terminals for 0…20mA, 4…20mA, 0…10V
  • with up to 16-bit resolution
  • Temperature measuring terminals for resistance thermometers (RTD) and thermocouples (PT100, type K…)
  • Load relay (for heating control) and more.

Our possibilities grow with your ideas!
Contact our application team and we will be happy to advise you on your application and the possibilities.

I/O overview


All I/O channels at a glance

The CETONI Elements I/O plug-in enables quick and easy access to all analog and digital input and output channels in your CETONI system. All integrated channels can be logged and linked in theCETONI Elements script system to automate a certain process ( workflow ). Of course, you can define the name, the scaling, the icon and the unit of each channel individually for the purpose of clear visualization.

CETONI Elements Software

Questions about the configuration of your I/O module?

Contact us! We will be happy to advise you on your application.

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