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CETONI Nemesys S – thought out down to the smallest detail

Do you work in research and development and are you reaching physical or technical limits with conventional conveyor systems?

Then a CETONI Flow System with the Nemesys S syringe pump is right for you!

Based on the findings from years of market observation in microfluidics as well as the suggestions of our customers from a wide variety of application areas, we have revolutionized the proven Nemesys syringe pumps in the low-pressure and medium-pressure range and thus created a new class standard.

Especially the CETONI Nemesys S and M The syringe pump generation has been given a more rigid design. This innovation increases your applications in combination with a path resolution of approx. 178,000 increments per millimeter in terms of dosing accuracy and uniform flow behavior to a higher level. With new safety features, such as force measurement, newly designed syringe series, intelligent valve technology and flexible installation and stand options, you can master dosing tasks in the microfluidic laboratory of the future without compromise.

So you can concentrate on your research

The high-precision and pulsation-free dosing of liquids on a micro and nanoliter scale places the highest demands on the pump technology used. In the field of biology and biochemistry, it is not a question of high pressures, but rather a very homogeneous flow behavior, even at the lowest flow rates, as well as a quick response to changes in flow rates. We have optimized these core properties in our CETONI Nemesys S and M syringe pumps so that you can easily achieve perfect results.

Let it Flow

Many fluidic processes that were conventionally carried out in batch processes, can be converted into progressive flow processes, and offer a number of advantages over conservative approaches, such as high process reliability, homogeneous reaction conditions, as well as time and resource savings. The areas of application extend from biology to chemistry to physics in different application scenarios, which we have clearly described for you under Application Notes.

We will show you how you can convert your batch process into an advanced flow process or how to automate laboratory processes that were previously manual with the help of Cobomation. Just talk to us!

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Why pulsation-free +

The field of micro-fluidics is characterized by applications involving extremely small volumes of fluids in equally small cavities. Numerous applications, for example in flow chemistry, require uniform, i.e. pulsation-free, liquid flows, in order to guarantee the same mixing ratios continuously, even on the smallest time scales. In bio-chemistry, too, a uniform flow of fluid is necessary when creating and manipulating compartmentalized flows.

In microfluidics, pulsations refer to oscillations of the actual flow rate, whereby the averaged flow rate can be absolutely correct. At extremely small flow rates, which often occur in micro-fluidic applications, pulsation can be strong, in relative terms, and have negative effects on small-scale processes. Although absolute freedom from pulsations is technically impossible in terms of mechanics, pulsations can nevertheless be reduced to such an extent that they can no longer be measured with existing measuring equipment and methods, or have no influence on the application process. This state is known as “pulsation-free”.

comparison of fluid pulsation

Low sampling rates in syringe drives lead to constant corrections, effected by increasing or lowering motor current. A clean and smooth performance does not come about. Pulsations arise. At CETONI, we therefore rely on the highest quality components and equip our syringe pumps with drives offering a resolution in the sub-micrometer range. As a result, the pulsation of our drives is so low that it does not play a role in the currently established microfluidic processes. The Nemesys syringe pumps are therefore suitable for microfluidic applications that require extreme accuracy.

Software & Accessories

Simple operation, flexible automation and barrier-free integration

In addition to the intuitive control of your syringe pumps, our CETONI Elements software offers you all options for the easy automation of flow processes, in order to generate meaningful results quickly and reliably.

For seamless integration into your familiar software environment (C ++, Python, LabView, Matlab, etc.), we also offer you the extensive CETONI SDK (Software Development Kit) for Windows and Linux applications.


Flexible valve solutions and pressure sensors

The syringe pump offers enormous advantages for microfluidic applications, due to the volumetric delivery principle and simple operation. The disadvantage is that the delivery ends as soon as the syringe is empty. You can avoid this apparent disadvantage with our modular systems by using two Nemesys syringe pumps that work alternately for each dosing channel.

Pressure sensors not only protect your application and the user, but also provide you with valuable data for monitoring and evaluating your process.

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Optimized glass syringes for CETONI Nemesys S

Based on the feedback from our customers and our experience, together with the know-how of our partner SETonic GmbH (Ilmenau, Germany), we have developed a reliable and easy-to-use precision syringe series that optimally suits our products and the requirements of our customers.

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Industries and Applications

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