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Nemesys S side view

Nemesys S

Syringe pump

Pulsation Free | Picoliters to Milliliters per min | Continuous Flow | Modular

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CETONI Nemesys S syringe pump – perfection down to the smallest detail

Do you work in research and development and come up against the limits of conventional conveyor systems? Then a flexible flow system with CETONI Nemesys S syringe pumps is the perfect solution for your demanding dosing tasks!

Our Nemesys syringe pumps have been further developed on the basis of years of experience and customer feedback. The result is a new level of precision and reliability that makes your work much easier.

The improved Nemesys S and M syringe pumps offer exceptional freedom from pulsation, resulting in particularly uniform dosing. This means you can rely on a constant and precise flow rate, which is crucial in many applications. New safety features and intelligent valve technology ensure that you can handle even complex dosing tasks effortlessly and safely. With flexible installation and standing options, the pumps adapt perfectly to your individual requirements.

Experience how CETONI Nemesys syringe pumps take your research and development to the next level!

Why pulsation-free?

Microfluidics works with the smallest flows in tiny cavities. For applications such as flow chemistry and biochemistry, uniform, pulsation-free liquid flows are crucial to ensure constant mixing ratios and precise flows.

Pulsations are fluctuations in the flow rate that can be problematic with extremely small flows in microfluidics. Absolute freedom from pulsation is not technically possible, but we can reduce the pulsations to such an extent that they no longer have any measurable effects.

CETONI uses high-quality components and precise drives in our syringe pumps to reduce pulsations to a minimum. Our Nemesys syringe pumps therefore offer the extreme precision required for microfluidic applications.

pulsation-free versus pulsations in the flow

Microfluidic applications where pulsation-free dosing is crucial:

Biology: When analyzing and sorting cells, the creation of single-cell analyses requires a constant and pulsation-free flow in order to precisely manipulate and examine the cells.

Chemistry: In flow chemistry, a uniform flow rate is crucial for the reproducibility of reactions and the precise control of mixing ratios, leading to consistent and reliable results.

Industry: In the production of microstructured materials and sensors or homogeneous layers, liquids must be dispensed precisely and evenly to ensure the desired structure and functionality.

So you can concentrate on your research

The high-precision and pulsation-free dosing of liquids on a micro and nanoliter scale places the highest demands on the pump technology used. In the field of biology and biochemistry, it is not a question of high pressures, but rather a very homogeneous flow behavior, even at the lowest flow rates, as well as a quick response to changes in flow rates. We have optimized these core properties in our CETONI Nemesys S and M syringe pumps so that you can easily achieve perfect results.

Let it Flow

Many fluidic processes that were conventionally carried out in batch processes, can be converted into progressive flow processes, and offer a number of advantages over conservative approaches, such as high process reliability, homogeneous reaction conditions, as well as time and resource savings. The areas of application extend from biology to chemistry to physics in different application scenarios, which we have clearly described for you under Application Notes.

We will show you how you can convert your batch process into an advanced flow process or how to automate laboratory processes that were previously manual with the help of Cobomation. Just talk to us!

More about Cobomation >>

Software & Accessories

Intuitive operation, flexible automation and effortless integration

With the CETONI Elements software, you can control your syringe pumps intuitively and automate flow processes easily to achieve meaningful results quickly.

Our comprehensive CETONI SDK for Windows and Linux enables the seamless integration of your syringe pump system into your preferred software environments such as C++, Python or LabView.

Discover the possibilities of our software and optimize your microfuidic processes for maximum efficiency and precision.


Flexible valve solutions and pressure sensors for Nemesys S

The Nemesys syringe pump offers considerable advantages for microfluidic applications thanks to its volumetric delivery principle and simple operation. A frequently mentioned disadvantage is the end of delivery as soon as the syringe is empty. Our modular systems provide an elegant solution to this problem: use two Nemesys syringe pumps per dosing channel, which work alternately.

Our pressure sensors not only protect your application and the user, but also provide valuable data for monitoring and evaluating your process. This gives you complete control and allows you to optimally control and monitor your microfluidic applications.

Valves and pressure sensors >>Syringe holder >>

Precision glass syringes for Nemesys S syringe pumps

Based on the feedback from our customers and our experience, together with the know-how of our partner SETonic GmbH (Ilmenau, Germany), we have developed a reliable and easy-to-use precision syringe series that optimally suits our products and the requirements of our customers.

Glass syringe overview >>

Industries and Applications

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