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Analysis of soil outcrops in the compartmentalized flow

The so-called segmented flow is one of the wonderful tools in the microfluidic toolbox. This flow is generated in micro-reactors featuring channels with a diameter of 100 to 200 µm. A polar liquid (water) is introduced to an intersection point of a nonpolar carrier flow (oil). Since the two liquids will not mix, individual water droplets will be torn away and join the oil flow. The droplet sizes are very defined and constant and they happen at defined intervals, while being separated from each other by the oil between them.

Large amounts of these droplets can be created in a very short time. If the soil concentration in the water is correct, each droplet contains just one individual or very few organisms, existing in their own habitat, where they can procreate and form cultures. Arranged on a coil of narrow tubing, similar to beads on a pearl necklace, they can now be taken to an incubator offering the appropriate growing environment.

CETONI Elements software camera plugin with drops

Generating such small, defined and segmented flows requires highly precise, pulsation-free and controllable pumps, such as the CETONI Nemesys S. Thanks to its excellent dosing properties, substances, such as nutrients, can be dosed into the individual droplets. Also, it is possible to detect clouding and separate promising droplets. The CETONI Elements software allows users to operate the system comfortably and intuitively.


Bio-printing and pulsation-free flow

For the successful printing of biomaterials such as cells and tissues with their extremely difficult structures, precise fluid dosing is just as necessary as an even supply of the print head. Only in this way is it possible to create homogenous layers with a high degree of reproducibility. Our Nemesys S syringe pumps Due to their precision and particularly even feed of the medium, they are perfect for applications in this area and thanks to autoclavable ones Glass syringes contamination and cleanability are also not a challenge.

Simply put together a setup from several syringe pumps and couple it with an XYZ positioning system via our CETONI Elements software – Your universal bioprinting station is ready!

CETONI Nemesys syringe pump system