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Microfluidics for analytical processes

Rapid advances in micro-fluidics led to the development of highly efficient chemical analytic processes. The miniaturization of fluid analysis makes it possible to work effectively with small reaction volumes and therefore places high demands on the hard and software components being used, particularly regarding precision and versatility.

Fluid Chromatography

Fluid chromatography processes, such as HPLC, require continuous fluid streams without pulsation, as well as media-resistant systems that are able to provide high pressure and can be cleaned quickly and easily. The highly flexible syringe pump systems of the Nemesys range, fulfill these requirements and are therefore the ideal alternative to conventional HPLC-pumps. From automated sample feeding and preparation or fraction collection by means of collaborating laboratory robots (Cobomation), to high-precision conveying by Nemesys syringe pumps and analysis by integrated spectrometers, CETONI offers an all-encompassing approach that can be easily expanded thanks to its modular design.

Requirements, such as the fast and hard adjustment of solvent ratios, medium change or the ability to transport larger volumes do not pose a problem for the dosing system. Beyond that, the analysis process can be easily automated, using our powerful CETONI Elements control software.

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is a powerful analytic method for the precise determination and characterization of particles, such as cells, spores and blood samples. Depending on their application, these analytic processes often happen at moderate system pressure levels. An essential requirement for the success of these sensitive processes is a highly continuous stream of analytes, such as individual cells, for example.

The pulsation-free character and the superior precision of Nemesys syringe pump drives is therefore ideal for analytic processes in the sub-microliter range. The combination and synchronization with periphery devices, such as laboratory cameras, can be interesting for the continuous detection of cells in a fluid stream. A space saving, modular and expandable system is a big asset in this case. Of course, the increasing number of devices and the increasing complexity of applications also leads to higher demands regarding the operation and synchronization of all components involved. Our powerful and user-friendly CETONI Elements software is the answer to all of your automation needs and gives you more room for creativity.

HPLC with CETONI Nemesys pump and pipetting robot