CETONI Base 120

Base Modules

Flexible | Compact | Safe


The Interface to your Hardware

Base modules supply power to your modular CETONI microfluidic or flow system, while also providing a control option through a PC or notebook and our CETONI Elements software. Simply add module after module to your system, without the need for cables. Thanks to the stable connection solution via connecting bolts on the side, you can adapt your setup quickly and reliably to your application requirements at any time. Depending on the desired number of modules and the performance requirements of your application, we offer different performance levels for your system.

Base 120 – The Compact Solution for the Laboratory

Base 600/600 XT – Power for your CETONI Flow System


Horizontal or vertical configuration

By using our module holder, you can place your flow system securely in any position of your application. Upright operation in particular promotes the bubble-free operation of the flow system in your application and also saves valuable space on your laboratory bench or in the extraction system. Thanks to the clever structure of our mounting systems, you always have unrestricted access to the fluidic lines of the syringe pumps or microfluidic accessories, as well as the electrical connections on the base module.

Brackets and cables

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