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Sampling systems

Rotaxys: automated sample deposit or sample pick-up

For benchtop applications where samples need to be pre-stored or collected in a small space to automate a process, our compact Rotaxys positioning systems are an ideal addition to your flow system or as part of a complete Cobomation automation solution. In addition to the extremely compact design, the full integration in our CETONI Elements software allows easy programming and even simultaneous use of several systems in parallel via one control interface In addition, the rotation principle enables samples to be placed in advance or deposited in the space-saving 96-well MTP formate (microtiter plates) or other typical laboratory containers for small volumes. Prepared sample receptacles and the combination with our Nemesys syringe pumps via CETONI Elements enables fast automation and reproducible results.

Rotaxys with PC and CETONI Elements UI

At a glance:


  • Compact footprint of 24 x 130 x 15 cm
  • 3-axis system (rotation, linear and stroke) with 90° working range
  • Low weight (2 kg)

Rotaxys 360

  • Working range 360° and high rotation speed (290°/s)
  • Stroke of 10 cm
  • Optional with valve
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Universal syringe holder

Another syringe for your Nemesys S?

In case you don’t wish to use CETONI glass syringes in your Nemesys S syringe pump, we have a flexible solution that doesn’t limit you. If you want to use precision glass syringes from other manufacturers or a disposable syringe for sterility reasons on your Nemesys S, you can alternatively use our Universal syringe holder, which comes with the standard holder 3/4-way Contiflow valve replaced. Thanks to the wide range of adjustment options, you are able to adapt your high-precision syringe pump perfectly to your individual syringe selection.

At a glance:

  • Syringes from 8 – 30 mm outer diameter (approx. 60 mm usable stroke)
  • Precision glass syringes, steel syringes and disposable syringes
  • Adjustable counterholder for perfect fit of your syringe
  • Desired syringe outlet and no dead volume
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External pressure gauge

Control, data recording and process safety

With our external pressure sensors you can upgrade your high-precision Flow system with a compact and also media-resistant pressure measurement module for data recording. Inside the housing there is a flat membrane ceramic sensor that can be adjusted to different pressure ranges of up to 200 bar as required. Due to its diverse configuration options (connection , housing and sealing material), the external pressure measurement module can thus be perfectly adapted to your application. In addition, the simple construction and flat sensor membrane provides quick access and thorough cleaning of the internal wetted parts.

Equipment options:

  • Pressure range: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200 bar
  • Fluid connection: 1/4″-28 UNF or 1/8″- ISO for tube fittings
  • Body material: Stainless steel 316L, Hastelloy C22, PEEK / PPS (<50 bar)
  • Sealings: FFKM, FKM, EPDM
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Temperature control module

Supply for heated syringes and hose heating. The temperature control module has two independent control channels to which yours heated syringes or heating hoses can be connected. The internal PID control loops and the maximum output power of 160 watts per control channel guarantee precise and dynamic temperature control via our CETONI Elements Software in your application.

Heated syringes

Our solution for the pulsation-free delivery of your viscous or temperature-sensitive media is our heated Nemesys syringe pump. Through our holistic heating approach – from the reservoir to the pump to the point of interest in your application – our solution sets new standards in microfluidics!

Heating hoses

Transport liquids without loss of heat. With the help of flexible hose heating for your media-carrying capillaries, you can supply every point in your application with the desired media temperature. Your media-carrying application capillary is threaded through the heating hose (not in contact with the media) and the medium is guided in a temperature-controlled manner in this way. The heating hoses are the perfect complement to our heated syringes and, like the heated syringe, simply connected to the temperature control module in your setup.

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Holding frame

System bracket (Nemesys S and M)

Improved handling and safe operation!

Our variable module holder is used to hold complete module systems. The bracket not only enables safe positioning and easy transport of your Nemesys syringe pump system, but also fits seamlessly into existing frame structures. In the available standard size of 520 mm, there is space for up to 6 modules, depending on the type, which can of course be customized and system-related.

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Vertical bracket (Nemesys ultra high pressure module)

Bracket for vertical operation of the syringe pump with optional fixation of valves and pressure sensor.

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Questions about our accessories?

Do you have any questions about our products or do not yet know how to put your idea into practice? Contact us! We’re happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

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