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Heated syringe

Pulsation Free | Homogeneous Temperature Control up to 200°C | Integrated Valves | Viscous Media

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Precise temperature control

Our solution for the pulsation-free delivery of your viscous or temperature-sensitive media is our heated Nemesys syringe pump. Thanks to our holistic heating approach – from reservoir to the POI in your application – our solution sets new standards in microfluidics!

You can easily set the desired target temperature using our CETONI Elements Software one. Due to the very homogeneous temperature distribution of the permanently installed syringe cylinder located inside, the medium is brought to or kept at the desired target temperature in a very stable manner and independent of external influences.

Integrated valves

With optionally integrated and also heated valves, you can continuously supply your application with temperature-controlled media regardless of the selected cylinder volume of your heated syringe (2.5, 5 or 10 ml), even over long periods of time. If you have pre-tempered your medium and want to draw it up without loss of temperature, or if you want to convey it beyond the pump in a temperature-stable manner up to a certain point in your application, you can also use our flexible hose heating use to control the temperature of your fluidic lines.

Nemesys syringe pump and heating accessories

The heated system consists of one CETONI base for power supply and PC interface, a special Nemesys syringe pump unit and a Temperature control module for the convenient connection of all heating components. Heating control, flow rate control and recording of the desired measurement data and parameters then takes place via your PC and our intuitive CETONI Elements software.

Typical applications can be found in the area of the adhesives or coating industry, in chemical process engineering up to petrochemistry or geological research, where the composition of oil is examined in special processes (pVT analyzes).


Simple operation, flexible automation and barrier-free integration

In addition to the intuitive control of your syringe pumps and heating control, our CETONI Elements Software also offers all options for the uncomplicated automation of flow processes in order to generate meaningful results quickly and reliably.

CETONI Elements Controller Plugin

Hose heating and temperature control module

With the help of our particularly flexible heating hose for your media-carrying capillaries, you can supply every point in your application with the desired media temperature. Your media-carrying application capillary is threaded through the heating hose (not in contact with the media) and the medium is guided in a temperature-controlled manner in this way.

All heated components in your setup are easily and conveniently connected electrically to the temperature control module in the setup via plug-in connections and the heating control viaCETONI Elements realized.


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