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Nemesys PlugIn

CETONI Elements software - Pump GUI

The Nemesys plugin integrates all Nemesys syringe pumps into the QmixElements software. This plug-in gives you powerful pump functions that you won’t find in other pumps. The clear and attractive surface gives you an overview of all important parameters, such as syringe fill level, configured syringes, dosing direction, current flow rate, current valve position or the current pressure.


  • graphical representation of syringe size, syringe fill level and valve position
  • SI units for volumes and flow rates freely configurable (ml, nl, ml/s …)
  • the Syringe Wizard guides you through the configuration of new syringes
  • Real-time display of all current values, such as flow rate, syringe fill level or dosed volume
  • Coloring of the syringe depending on the direction of movement of the syringe (orange = fill, blue = dispense, gray = stopped)
CETONI Elements pressure indicator

Graphical pressure display

For more security and a better overview

With the pressure display for the neMESYS syringe pumps, you always have the pressure of the integrated pressure sensors in view. The display elements show the current value of the pressure sensor as a number and as a bar. By coloring the display from green (low pressure) through yellow (medium pressure) to red (high pressure), you can see at a glance in which area the current pressure of the module is, or which module has a critical pressure, giving you the opportunity to respond quickly.

Simple syringe configuration

Select existing syringes or create your own syringes

Choose from a wide variety of existing syringes or use the Syringe Wizard for quick and easy configuration of your own syringes. Simply specify the inner diameter, the piston stroke and the syringe material for a new syringe – and you’re done. In the software you will then see your syringe with the selected material and the thickness and length you configured.

Nemesys pressure and analog I/O safety monitoring

For more security through automatic alarm response

With the analog I/O monitoring functionality, you can use any analog inputs or pressure sensors as safety switches for the Nemesys syringe pumps. In dangerous situations, this allows Nemesys pumps to be automatically stopped or switched off, or to issue warning messages, e.g. when a certain maximum pressure or a certain maximum temperature is exceeded. Both the inputs (pressure, temperature…) and the alarm response (stop, switch off pump, warning…) can be freely configured by the user.

Script functions

Graphical programming and complex processes

Nemesys pumps are fully supported by the CETONI Elements Script system. This lets you program your own complex dosing processes graphically, using drag & drop, in the shortest possible time. With the powerful script functions, you can implement requirements such as time-controlled dosing with multiple pumps or the generation of flow gradients over a certain period of time, in next to no time. Together with other Qmix or Nemesys devices, complex processes and tests can be carried out in the laboratory.