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Video Builder plugin

Capture, analyze, store

With the CETONI Elements camera plug-in, we offer you the option of fully integrating external laboratory cameras into our CETONI Elements software. You have access to all camera parameters and can take pictures manually and script-controlled at any time. You can also record videos manually or from a CETONI Elements script program.


  • Access to all camera parameters (exposure, focus, color…)
  • The current live camera image is always in view (can be enlarged as required, can be moved to the 2nd monitor)
  • The current camera image can be recorded at any time.
  • Script functions for the automation of image recordings (e.g. for time-lapse films)
  • manual and script-controlled video recording
  • Video builder for creating time-lapse videos from previously recorded individual images

Technical requirement

  • Windows DirectX/DirectShow compatible cameras
  • IEEE 1394 Firewire cameras according to the DCAM standard, which are compatible with the CMU 1394 driver
  • USB cameras from ABS Jena (tested with UK1158)

Automate image and video recording

Script function for image and video recordings

With the integrated camera script functions, you can automate the recording of images and video sequences and therefore integrate image recording into your CETONI Elements scripts. This makes requirements such as the time-controlled hourly recording of images or the recording of video sequences for certain events, such as certain temperatures, pressures or flow rates, child’s play.

CETONI Elements Image Viewer Plugin

Display and analyze images

The CETONI Elements Image Viewer plugin is the perfect complement to the camera plugin. With the plugin, recorded camera images can be viewed, saved and reloaded at any time. The integrated measuring function lets you measure objects in the image (e.g. compartments). Here are some of the highlights:

  • Load and save different image formats (PNG, JPG, TIFF…)
  • Steplessy zoom in or out with mouse wheel
  • convenient navigation inside the image
  • easy measurement of image objects (units: um, mm, cm, px…)
  • extreme enlargements without pixelation (interpolation)

CETONI Elements Video Builder Plugin

Creating time-lapse movies

With the Video Builder plug-in, you can quickly and easily create a video from images that you have taken with the camera plug-in or the microscope plug-in, for example, time-controlled or script-controlled. In this way, time-lapse films can be created of very slow microfluidic processes, for example.

One of the highlights is the integrated optional deshaker, which reliably removes camera shake from the image material.