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Fabricius et al. Fabricius et al. reported in their scientific article on an automated sample collection system (micro profiling and micro sampling system- missy) for the spatial high resolution investigation of water samples from water saturated boundary layers with small volumes of < 500 µl (sediments, biofilms or soils).

Laboratory Setup

After sample collection, the water sample was pumped via the neMESYS Low Pressure Syringe Pump through the Qmix V EX valve module (multiport valve) and transferred into a 96-well plate via the compact 3D-positioning system rotAXYS. Conducting a chemical characterization of the samples, like e.g., multielement analyses, insight into the conditions and processes in the sediment at a small scale can be obtained.

In summary, a setup for sample collection was developed by using the CETONI devices, which enables a continuous sampling at water saturated boundary layers at a millimetre scale. Our modular neMESYS syringe pumps offers an extremely precise and stable flow with no pulsation in ranges from picolitres to millilitres per second or for the high-precision dosing of smallest fluid quantities up to continuous dosing on a large scale.

Used CETONI products:

  • Base Module BASE 120
  • Low Pressure Syringe Pump neMESYS 290N
  • Low Pressure Valve Qmix V EX
  • Compact Positioning System rotAXYS
  • QmixElements software


Fabricius A.-L., Duester L., Ecker D., Ternes T.-A. New Microprofiling and Micro Sampling System for Water Saturated Environmental Boundary Layers. Environ. Si. Technol. 2014, 48 (14), 8053-61. DOI: 10.1021/es501814b