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Data generation, device control, process orchestration

It is our passion to use our creativity and experience to turn the complex tasks of our customers into functioning automation solutions. For two decades, our special focus has been on the automation of laboratory processes, especially with microfluidic methods and technologies. Today we are on the threshold of combining conventional laboratory processes (batch) with efficient ones Flow method , supported by modern cobot technologies and orchestrated by an exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive software CETONI Elements . We call this Cobomation® .

CETONI Elements Software GUI with Cobomation plugin, Nemesys plugin, spectrometer plugin, scripting plugin
Device control
Real-time visualization
Process orchestration
Data recording
integrate external devices

Your process and your maximum flexibility are at the center of our solution approaches, which we develop together with you. Understanding your needs exactly and including your competence and ideas in our considerations and solutions at all times is a matter of course and necessary for us in terms of a sustainable solution. The precise use of our special products in combination with your established technology creates a future-oriented and adaptable solution for you. The key to your process is our versatile CETONI Elements Software that comes with an intuitive user interface and supports established automation standards ( CAN, SiLA ) and connects, controls and orchestrates all devices in the setup. This offers you a maximum overview and freedom of action in the subsequent process design.

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The use of automated flow systems, including batch process automation, referred to as Cobomation, not only offers you the opportunity to automatically generate large amounts of data for researching chemical and biological relationships, but also to save them securely and to pre- and post-process them. From the sum of the data, the so-called Data lake , the relevant information can be filtered out and made available for further processing. The method of the Design of Experiment (DoE) , which by means of statistical test planning significantly reduces the number of necessary experiments from the outset and leads to the desired result in a more targeted manner, is carried out CETONI Elements and can therefore be easily integrated.

Through the precise use of our hardware and software, we perform data generation by means of automated execution of numerous tests (“high throughput screening”) as well as continuous processing, in order to offer you a versatile and individual solution. This frees your highly qualified specialists from carrying out time-consuming, manual processes and enables them to use their skills effectively elsewhere.

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Industries and Applications

application notes - biologyFields
9. June 2021

Microfluidic solutions in biology

Analysis of soil outcrops in the compartmentalized flow The so-called segmented flow is one of the wonderful tools in the microfluidic toolbox. This flow is generated in micro-reactors featuring channels…
application notes - geologyFields
9. June 2021

Microfluidic Processes in Geology, Petrology, Mineralogy

Geochemistry - High Pressure Syringe Pumps used in Crude Oil Research The global demand for oil is increasing from year to year, at the same time we know that oil…
application notes - industrial chemistryFields
9. June 2021

Precision Dosing in Industry

Precision Dosing for Special Applications The use of micro-fluidic processes is not limited to research labs. Industrial companies are already successfully using CETONI Flow-systems for the precision dosing of fluids.…
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