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In a recent publication, Peschke et al. successfully realized microfluidic biocatalytic cascades in a compartmentalized microfluidic chip with excellent stereoselectivities.

Laboratory Setup

In this experimental set-up, different substrates and cofactors solutions were placed in neMESYS low pressure syringe pumps and perfused through a four-channel PMMA microchip, which is loaded with enzymes immobilized on magnetic beads at a very low flow rate of 1 µl/min. After a successful enzymatic reaction on the chip, individual samples were taken by the rotAXYS sample handling system for the subsequent quantitative chiral HPLC analysis and characterization of the biocatalytic reaction products.

Altogether, this publication gives a vivid description how CETONI devices can automate a complete application setup from biocatalytical reaction up to the sample collection for the analysis with the usual high precision and extreme accuracy of the neMESYS syringe pumps. The combination of the neMESYS low pressure pumps and the rotAXYS enable a parallelization and fractionation of several experiments at the same time.

Used CETONI devices:

  • Base 120
  • 7 x Low Pressure Syringe Pump neMESYS 290N
  • Compact Positioning System rotAXYS


Peschke T., Skoupi M., Burgahn T., Gallus S., Ahmed I., Rabe K. S., Niemeyer Ch.M., Self-Immobilizing Fusion Enzymes for Compartmentalized Biocatalysis. ACS Catalysis 2017 7 (11), 7866-7872; DOI: 10.1021/acscatal.7b02230