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CANopen via CAN or RS232

Standardized access to device parameters

The Nemesys syringe pumps are connected to one another via the CAN bus and use the CANopen protocol for standardized access to all device parameters. If your PLC has a CAN interface, you can connect it directly to the pumps using a suitable adapter cable.

If your PLC controller does not have a CAN interface, you can also access the pumps via the RS232 interface. Every Nemesys pump has an RS232-CAN gateway. This means that the PLC is only connected to the first pump via RS232 and then has access to all other pumps on the CAN bus.

Nemesys Integration Kit

The complete documentation in one package

In the Nemesys Integration Kit, we have bundled all the important documents and instructions for integrating the Nemesys pumps in one package. In the kit you will find among other things the firmware specifications of the pumps and the open source RS232 library.

In the kit you get

  • Detailed firmware documentation and documentation of the CAN and RS232 communication
  • Open source RS232 C library

CAN power cable

For CAN bus and power supply

With the appropriate adapter cable, you can easily connect your CETONI devices to the CAN bus of your control system. You can feed the 24V needed for the supply of the CETONI devices via the two cable strands.