LED array plugin

For all CETONI LED arrays

Programming made easy

The LED array plug-in integrates all CETONI Celed Led Array devices into the CETONI Elements software. The easy-to-use and versatile software lets you control the LED radiation intensity individually for each sector. In addition, the software supports you in the grouping of radiation sectors and lets you control multiple radiation areas at the same time.


  • Radiation intensity very finely adjustable with a resolution of 100 values individually for each channel
  • Flexible grouping of multiple LED channels to form radiation groups – simultaneous control of all channels in a group
  • configurable standby timer for automatic shutdown
  • all LEDs can be switched on and off quickly
  • Trigger output (e.g. to trigger a camera)
  • Generation of flash sequences with synchronous control of the trigger output (configurable)
  • Control of several LED arrays at the same time

Script functions

Timed exposure and much more …

The complete integration of the Celed LED arrays into the CETONI Elements Script System means that irradiation processes can now be automated quickly and easily. Regardless of whether you just want to irradiate in a time-controlled manner or whether you have to program more complex exposure sequences – the CETONI Elements software lets you easily implement this graphically, using drag & drop. Together with other Qmix or Nemesys devices, complex processes and tests can be carried out in the laboratory.